Episode 27: The Girlfriends' Guide to Mother's Day


What are you doing to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? What do you wish you were doing? This week we’re talking about all things Mother’s Day: the history of the holiday itself, what to do when your spouse isn’t a mind-reader, how to share the day with others, and what our ideal Mother’s Day really looks like. Plus, fellow C+C writer Sonya Spillmann gets honest about why this holiday can be extra bittersweet for women who’ve lost their own mothers.

Show Notes

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Connect with Sonya by visiting her blog, reading her C+C essays, or connecting with her on Instagram.


The Amazon dress we’re all wearing. (Thank you, Kristen Howerton, for sharing this gem with us.)

Watch Sonya reading her essay She Knows on the DC Listen to Your Mother show (where you can also access readings from around the country!).

The Significant Woman Life Coaching courses

Sonya’s essay about goal setting on Mother’s Day, and her letter to our other mothers

We've decided to make the Friday before Mother's Day an unofficial holiday, all in the spirit of showing our friends some love. Here's how to join in: on May 12th, surprise your momma friends by leaving a little gift on their porch! Think - a copy of The Magic of Motherhood + a little treat (their favorite coffee drink? jar of granola? maybe some flowers from your backyard?). Add a handwritten note on the back of these free prints thanking them for being part of your village. If you post any pictures to Instagram, use #themagicofmotherhood and #loveyourvillage!

If you feel like blessing a stranger on May 12th, we love that idea, too! Traveling? You could hand a copy to the first momma you see shuffling her toddler through airport security. Grabbing coffee on your way to work? You could hand a copy to the barista and ask them to give it to the next tired momma who drives through with a screaming baby in the backseat. Whether you're spending the day at the library, the park, an office building or a doctor's office, we bet it won't be hard to spot a mom who looks like she could use a pick-me-up.

Grab your books here or here, and click here for the print file! 

Mother’s Day Gift Guide