Ashlee Gadd  |  Founder + Writer + Podcast Co-Host

Ashlee Gadd is a wife, mother, self-taught writer and photographer from Sacramento, California. When she’s not dancing in the kitchen with her two boys, Ashlee loves curling up with a good book, lounging in the sunshine, and making friends on the Internet. She loves writing about everything from motherhood and marriage to friendship and faith. Running Coffee + Crumbs is her dream job, x 100.


Anna Jordan  |  Writer + Director of Creativity

Anna Jordan is a writer, adjunct professor, and procrastinator of laundry living in Santa Barbara, CA with her husband Kiah and her three wild children. She attempts to maintain her sanity by reading, running, practicing yoga, and drinking too much coffee.


Anna Quinlan  |  Writer

Anna Quinlan lives in Sacramento, CA with her husband and two boys. In 2010 she left a career in medical sales for a two year stint as a stay-at-home-mom, during which she adopted her second child through the foster system. Anna currently works in marketing and spends her free time (that's a joke, right?) training for triathlons, rooting for the home team (Niners, Kings, Giants, for the record), and eating garlic fries.


April Hoss  |  Writer + Podcast Co-Host

April Hoss is a wife, mom, and study in contradictions. She prefers hamburgers with champagne, enjoys Twilight and Tolstoy, and dreams of Bakersfield and Paris, France. April works part time for a non-profit, part time chasing German Shepherds, and lots of time spinning stories into a novel. Her favorite storyteller is Jesus, followed by Stephen King, naturally.


Callie Feyen  |  Writer

Callie Feyen lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband, Jesse, and their two daughters, Hadley and Harper. She is a contributing writer for Relief Journal, and Makes You Mom. Her writing has been featured in Altarwork, Good Letters, and Tweetspeak Poetry, and she is a LTYM DC 2014 cast member. Callie's first book, a memoir, is forthcoming through TS Poetry Press.


Jennifer Batchelor  |  Writer + Content Manager

Jennifer Batchelor is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. She’s the wife of the most patient man ever and a mom of two. She openly admits to being the messiest member of her household but makes up for it with baked goods. You can read more of her musings on motherhood, marriage and the space for grace at That Batchelor Life.


Lesley Miller  |  Writer + Podcast Executive Producer / Host

Lesley Miller lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband and three children. Lesley loves the beach (with a good book), date nights (with a strong Moscow Mule) and skiing (preferably on a sunny day). She hopes that her experiences and words will be an encouragement to others, and reminder they are known and loved.


Katie Blackburn  |  Writer

Katie Blackburn lives in a little corner of the Pacific Northwest and is a teacher, writer, dreamer, and reader.  She had three kids in three years, which makes her a tired mama saved by grace and cold brew coffee. She writes about motherhood, friendship, justice, community, and finding Jesus in all of it at Just Enough Brave.


Melanie Dale  |  Writer

Melanie Dale lives with her hubby and three kids in the Atlanta area, where she enjoys recording her podcast, Lighten Up with Melanie Dale, and blogging at The author of two books, Women Are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends and It’s Not Fair: Learning to Love the Life You Didn’t Choose, she’s a panelist for MomsEveryday TV and an advocate for Children's HopeChest.


N'tima Preusser  |  Writer

N'tima Preusser is a 24 year old mama to two wild grown daughters born on the same August day, two years apart. She's is married to and obnoxiously in love with the boy who gave her butterflies as a freshman in high school. Together they live near the mountains of beautiful Tokyo City. She is never punctual, and always anxious. Writing is her medicine. Writing makes her pay attention. Writing makes her live better.


Sonya Spillmann  |  Writer

Sonya Spillmann lives in the DC area with her husband and three kids (and is "paper pregnant"-- adopting #4). She's a critical care nurse by training and a writer at heart. She is a motherless mother who believes in the power of hard questions and honest answers. (She also believes in the power of red lipstick, a good laugh, and Jesus.) She started her blog, Spilling Over, after being cast in DC's LTYM 2015 show.


Sarah Hauser  |  Writer + Recipe Master

Sarah lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, Colson, and infant twins, Isabel and Elijah. Originally a Jersey girl, she has reluctantly learned to pump her own gas and root for the Bears (but will always stay true to the Yankees). She's passionate about Jesus, whiskey cocktails and all things food and family. Read more from Sarah at The Homemade Haus.


Brittney Anderson  |  Shop Manager

Brittney lives in Bountiful, Utah with her husband Kenton and their three spirited kiddos, Afton, Emme and Van. Her family is her life's greatest blessing. She loves new adventures, amazing food and great company, but especially amazing food. She graduated with a degree in financial economics and enjoys running our shop but she also loves her creative hobbies: crochet, photography and graphic design.


Meaghan Grable  |  Social Media Rockstar

Meaghan is a wife and mama of two - one in Heaven and one here on Earth - who lives in Salem, Oregon. Her first, Charlotte, was born with a lethal skeletal dysplasia and went to Heaven when she was nine days old in December 2012 and her second, Calvin, was born in April of 2014 and is the definition of restoration. Besides loving her people fiercely, she is a fan of organization & numbers and is a big advocate of building community online & offline. Social media is her jam!


Emily Gnetz  |  Art Director

Emily Gnetz is an awesome wife, mother of two cutie pies, lifestyle photographer and 90's pop culture trivia enthusiast busy loving her life in Nashville, Tennessee. When she's not behind the camera forcing (or begging) other people's children to smile, Emily's usually cleaning up the messes her kiddos make and working her way to becoming a boxed wine aficionado. Check out some of her work at