Episode 31: The One With All The Birth Stories


Everyone loves a good birth story, so, as April put it, we’re bringing you the Coffee + Crumbs Vagina Monologues. In this episode we talk about allll the different ways we’ve birthed our babies from c-sections to epidurals to the un-medicated route--and the things we’ve liked and disliked about each. Plus, we get real about hospital undies and share the best advice you might ever hear about birth plans. You *might* want to listen to this one with headphones on.

Show Notes

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April’s essay, I Had A Hard Birth

Ashlee’s essay, A Tale of Two Birth Plans

Everett’s (breech, scheduled c-section) birth story

Carson’s (surprise unmedicated VBAC) birth story

Kajsa’s (urgent c-section, NICU) birth story

Anna’s pitocin/epidural birth 

Owen’s unmedicated (fast!) delivery

and Luke’s pitocin/epidural birth

From The Atlantic: The Mothers Who Can’t Escape The Trauma of Childbirth

A little about pelvic rehab therapy and Vaginal and Perineal Tears

The Longest Shortest Time’s Healing After Childbirth and Risky Birth-ness episodes

Annie & Isabel hospital gowns

Lesley would like everyone to know that she’s not fashionable, and the Lululemon wide leg yoga pants she referenced are apparently no longer a “thing” because no such pant is available on their website. You’re welcome.  

Ashlee LOVED these post-pregnancy undies after birth. Great for c-sections, too! Don’t forget to steal as many mesh panties from the hospital as possible. Just keep stashing them in your bag when the nurses leave; they’ll always replenish them!

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Ashlee, Brett, and baby Everett, just seconds after the c-section! 

April, Daniel, and baby Caleb.


April and baby Kajsa. 

Ashlee and baby Carson. Don't worry - this was taken the second day. There are ZERO pictures from the actual birth when she was screaming like a dinosaur. 

Lesley and baby Luke. 

Lesley and baby Anna. That is the smile of a woman who definitely got an epidural. 

Lesley, Jonathan, Anna and baby Owen.