Episode 30: All About Dad with Zach Brittle


In honor of Father's Day, we're thrilled to be interviewing our first male guest! Father and couples counselor Zach Brittle joins us this week to talk about the transition into fatherhood, how dads can find friendship (and whether moms should help), and the very best thing you can get a man for Father’s Day. This candid conversation about parenthood and marriage will be an episode that both moms and dads can relate to. Plus, Ashlee gears up for Whole 30, and we share a few bands that are making us happy this month.

Show Notes

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Connect with Zach on Twitter, and his private practice Facebook. You can buy his book The Relationship Alphabet, on Amazon. Zach also wrote this article, and this one which everyone should read.

Check out forBetter, an online site with all kinds of marriage resources including free quizzes, videos and the Marriage in Motion online course.

Lesley and Ashlee’s favorite Sacramento counselor, Lori Pearring

The high-caffeinated tea Ashlee is drinking on Whole30. Her husband has switched to Nutpods.

Lesley wants everyone to know that she did not get pulled up on stage at the U2 concern, but she did meet a really great Bono look-alike. You can check her Instagram for a few concert photos.

Music we mentioned (and love!):

JohnnySwim, Ellie Holcomb’s Red Sea Road, Out of the Dust, and JJ Heller’s cutest music video ever. Lesley also talked about her love for the God Centered Mom podcast where she discovered Ellie Holcomb.