Episode 08: Pregnancy Perspectives with Katie Van Dyk and Cherise Henry


Is every pregnancy the same? Is labor always scary, even if you’ve done it before? Three pregnant mamas talk about the unique fears, joys, and challenges they’re experiencing while anticipating first, second and third babies. Plus, the baby products we’re most excited about owning this time around.

Show Notes

Host: Lesley Miller

Guests: Katie Van Dyk and Cherise Henry 


The nutritionist Lesley is seeing (for Santa Barbara mamas) and her recommended prenatal vitamins, probiotics and probiotics for baby


The glider Katie has her eye on, and her favorite coloring book

The Bob stroller

The body pillow that Katie didn't mention (but says she should have mentioned!)

Ergo baby carrier

Covered Goods nursing cover

Trader Joe's coconut body butter