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The Year of Creativity is up and moving, and if we know one thing so far, it is this: these women are a force to be reckoned with. They are passionate, driven, excited, and well on their way to making beautiful things! Check out the course syllabus to see what we've been up to. 

Twelve days in, we polled the YOC ladies to get their initial two cents on the course. And, well, the results may have resulted in a sappy tear or two on our end. If you're curious about what The Year of Creativity is really like, here's an insider scoop straight from women taking the course:

Q: Why Did You Sign Up For The Year of Creativity?

Because my life feels consumed with motherhood and not much else. I love writing and creating and dreaming, but I just don't sit down to do it enough. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to stop making excuses and find inspiration in motherhood, instead of feeling like it was robbing me of it. - Anonymous

I signed up for The Year of Creativity because I was aching to give space and priority to my voice, my creativity and my story. Sometimes as mothers, those things can get lost beneath piles of laundry and dishes and coloring supplies. It feels good to be on a journey toward creative growth with fellow mamas who need a reminder that their souls matter and their passions have a place in motherhood. - Emily

I've always been a creative person but being a mother, especially one that is working out of the house 40+ hours a week, has left me feeling like a part of me is missing. I am happier when I am creating and this was a perfect way to restart that part of my brain. The connection with other mothers in a similar stage of life is just icing on the cake.
- Meredith

Q: What has been your first impression of The Year of Creativity? Are you feeling inspired? Motivated? Encouraged? Something else entirely?

The Year of Creativity has become a part of my daily mindset. The simple task of inviting creativity in has in fact brought creativity to me. I am writing down essay ideas, short story snippets, even just thoughts to ponder in a journal entry multiple times a day. This course has just broken down the door and given creativity permission to enter - and that's huge.
- Anonymous

I feel like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch. - Julia

My first impression of The Year of Creativity is that it's the perfect way to say "yes" to my soul's desires and push me toward growth... but not at the expense of my children or sanity. It gives me the opportunity to embrace a part of myself that can feel neglected without making me feel pressured with deadlines or extreme amounts of work. I feel inspired to be brave and creatively carve out pockets of time to pursue a life-giving passion. This course is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of the (sometimes) stagnate, monotonous work of homemaking. - Emily

First impression: these are good people to be surrounded by. - Melissa

I am very motivated and encouraged by the women who have put this together. They are approachable and involved and it's obvious that they are passionate about this. It shines through everything I've seen this month. - Elyse

I have felt more inspiration and motivation to create in the first 12 days of this workshop than I felt the entire year of 2016.
- Alicia

My initial impression of The Year of Creativity is a feeling of motivation and inspiration. I logged into the program on January 1st and felt lighter just from reading the material and anticipating the possibilities to come. - Meredith

Q: What has been your favorite part of The Year of Creativity so far? The FB group? The writing prompts? The resources?

The resources are wonderful - but I think my favorite part has been the FB group. I love the community of women all just showing up together every day, cheering on and supporting each other. I get excited to see someone has posted something new whether it be a call for support, or to share something that inspired them, or to gift us with their own creation of the day. Seeing all these people going through the same things and being creative is the ultimate motivation and truly inspiring in itself. - Anonymous

I'm enjoying the resources and ideas the most. Just having someone else supply podcasts, essays and prompts filled to the brim with fresh inspiration is so helpful. Removing the need to dig for it gives me an easier way to quickly grasp inspiration in stolen moments throughout my day. - Emily

I LOVE the Facebook group! It's like a sisterhood. - Hannah

I love the variety of resources and the freedom to go at my own pace. It feels more like an inspiration buffet - something for everyone. - Melissa

I think the writing prompts and resources have been the most beneficial to me. As a mom, whose mind is so often consumed with 342 other things, being given even a small nudge as to WHAT to write about has been so helpful. My mind has been clearer as I have been journaling and blogging more consistently and getting these jumbled-up ideas in my head out and onto paper. The FB group is its own blessing, since it helps me feel less alone with the struggle between mothering and creativity. Even if I don't get a chance to participate with every post or read every question or article that people have linked to, I feel so encouraged and inspired to be a part of this little creative community. - Shannon

Q: If your friend was thinking about joining The Year of Creativity, but is on the fence, what would you tell them?

The Year of Creativity has given me a reason to pause and reflect when life has me going a million miles an hour. If you're looking for something meaningful and positive to do with the ten minutes of uninterrupted screen time you get a day, this course has you covered. - Adrienne

Absolutely do it. If your creativity is important to you but you're struggling to find the time to fit it into your daily life, The Year of Creativity will provide all of the gentle nudges you need to take your passions seriously. - Julia

Take the plunge! My friends always tell me they don't know how I do it all; I am a mama of three ages 5, 3, and 4 months, working full-time outside the home, and attending graduate school. If I can do this, anyone can! - Hannah

Feed, nourish and encourage your heart and your passions in the same way you feed and nourish and encourage your children's. You deserve the space to create and be inspired and this is the perfect place to do just that. We welcome you with open arms. - Emily

I was initially hesitant to join because of the financial investment. However, when you consider the 12 months of content, this is such a bargain! These ladies have worked incredibly hard to put together The Year of Creativity and make it accessible for all ladies. As a non-married, non-mother I feel very welcome in this group. If you are a woman who hopes to grow personally and is interested in writing, this course is for you! - Carol

It's beautiful and thoughtful and so much more than what you think it might be. This is an invitation to sit with yourself a few times a month. And the time spent you will not regret. - Daniella

Stop with the excuses. This will change your life. - Elyse

There is a Jack London quote (that was shared within YOC) which says, "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." This cannot be a more true statement. There have been countless times, while trying to create something, when I have wanted to throw in the towel ... raise my white flag ... crumple up the paper and kick the trashcan over. Inspiration is oftentimes something you have to tackle, wrestle with, and pin down. The tendency to want to quit is a lot higher when you're on your own. That being said, I like to think of The Year of Creativity as a group of fellow creative minds who reach out their hand to pick you up and then hand you the club so you can really get after that creativity you've been chasing. And when you're not quite sure you can keep chasing, the YOC leaders and participants are there to wipe your brow, rehydrate you, and remind you, "you got this!" - Alicia

Do it for yourself and most importantly don't feel guilty about wanting to do something for you. When I initially read about The Year of Creativity I thought it sounded interesting, but something about it kept pulling me in and I couldn't leave it alone. Now I know why. I needed to do this for me, to be a better wife, mom, and person. I never would have anticipated the opportunity, both personally and creatively, that I can see for myself through this course and community. - Meredith


Still not sure if The Year of Creativity is for you? Check out our course syllabus to get a glimpse of what we have planned for the rest of 2017.

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