The Year of Creativity


Motherhood should inspire us, not deplete us. The Year of Creativity is a 12-month journey to empower women to pursue creativity alongside motherhood. 

Are you feeling lost or uninspired creatively? We've been there. It's easy to put your creative pursuits on the back burner when you're trying to juggle work and kids, marriage and friends, exercise and bake sales. 

We know all of the things in your way: the dishes, the laundry, the requests for more snacks, the guilt, the appointments, the work deadlines, the lack of mental (and physical) space.

We know you feel like you're drowning most days, barely able to keep up with all of your responsibilities. We know you're tired.

But dream with us for a minute.

What would it look like if you gave yourself permission to be inspired by motherhood?

What would it look like if you gave yourself a little bit of time and a little bit of space to stretch your creative muscles instead of plopping on the couch with Netflix every night?

If you have a desire to:

  • Make creativity a regular part of your self-care
  • Rediscover a love of writing
  • Connect with other creative mothers

... you belong here. 


The Year of Creativity - What's Included:


Lessons + Inspiration

Each month we'll apply a monthly theme to creativity and motherhood. Read lessons prepared by the C+C writers alongside other curated content we've pulled to inspire you in your creative journey!  

Community + Support

We'll be hosting weekly chats in our private Facebook group & showing off our work with monthly hashtags on Instagram. Don't be shy; make some friends!


Creativity Exercises

From experimenting in the kitchen to re-decorating a bookshelf and learning how to take better photos with your iPhone, we believe creativity stretches well beyond writing. Each month we'll stretch a new creative muscle. 

Digital gifts

Most months include a digital gift to correlate with the monthly theme, like helpful how-to guides, printables for your home, coloring pages, gratitude lists, gift tags, and more.  


Writing prompts

We want you to grab every empty journal in your house and start filling them up, carpe diem style. If you have ever wanted to write, start a blog, or submit to a publication, we've got plenty of writing prompts to get you started. 


Gather round! We're interviewing some of our favorite writers and artists about their creative processes, fighting doubt, and how they make time to pursue creativity while raising children.

First Impressions:

"I feel refreshed, like I can actually be a creative AND a mom. In fact, I think this year of creativity is going to impact my mothering quite a bit."

"The Year of Creativity has become a part of my daily mindset. The simple task of inviting creativity in has in fact brought creativity to me. I am writing down essay ideas, short story snippets, even just thoughts to ponder in a journal entry multiple times a day. This course has just broken down the door and given creativity permission to enter - and that's huge." - Adrienne

"I'm encouraged by the community of women here who all believe they have something to contribute to the wider story of motherhood. The Year of Creativity is written by real women struggling to balance life and passion and kids and play dates and relationships. The lessons are gentle nudges into the creative sphere and have really inspired me to dig down and pick up the thread of my story again."

"It is more than a course, it is a community! I have been inspired, encouraged and challenged already." - Sarah 

"I feel like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch." - Julia

"This is the perfect way to say yes to my soul's desires and push me towards growth... but not at the expense of my children or sanity. It gives me the opportunity to embrace a part of myself that can feel neglected without making me feel pressured with deadlines or extreme amounts of work. I feel inspired to be brave and creatively carve out pockets of time to pursue a life-giving passion. This course is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of the (sometimes) stagnate, monotonous work of homemaking." - Emily

"As with the whole Coffee + Crumbs website, I'm incredibly impressed by the visual beauty and thoughtful detail behind The Year of Creativity. My first impression has been genuine excitement to write, to connect, and to create. I truly haven't felt this excited for a personal endeavor in a long time." - Carol

"First impression: these are good people to be surrounded by." - Melissa

"I have felt more inspiration and motivation to create in the first 12 days of this workshop than I felt the entire year of 2016." - Alicia

"I am very motivated and encouraged by the women who have put this together. They are approachable and involved and it's obvious that they are passionate about this. It shines through everything I've seen this month." - Elyse