Episode 04: Mommy doesn't go to work with Elise Cripe


Three self-employed working moms discuss the importance of teaching our kids what we do when we're not emptying the dishwasher. Plus, hear about the logistics, joys and challenges of pursuing career ambitions while managing the demands of young children.

Show Notes

Host: Lesley Miller
Co-Host: Ashlee Gadd
Guest: Elise Blaha Cripe


When My Son Said ‘Moms Don’t Have Offices,’ I Realized I Had to Change the Way I Talk About Myself by Anna Jordan for Verily Magazine

Mommy doesn't go to work by Ashlee Gadd

Sarah Bessey's In which I don’t mind if my tinies see me on the computer


New Normal, on the decision to find childcare help.

The must-have item for planning your life: Elise's Get to Work book.

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