Episode 22: The Season Finale



We’re celebrating the end of our first season by answering listener questions. In this super fun episode you’ll hear Ashlee, April and Lesley talk about everything from sleep training to breastfeeding, what we’re making for dinner, the best postpartum jeans, establishing our own family traditions, and what we’re buying our kids for Christmas. We hope you’ll laugh with us as we joyfully celebrate the end of season one.

Show Notes

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Ashlee’s favorite topcoat

The Save, Spend, Share piggy bank that Lesley can’t wait to give her five year old.

Battery-operated flameless candles, for the win! (But really, you should splurge on the remote control option.)

Recipe idea: Trader Joe’s Chimichurri Stew is so easy, and so tasty.

Old Navy’s Rockstar jeans (Lesley prefers mid-rise or high-rise, in black, to suck everything in and appear extra slim. Also, for tall girls, these come in lengths!)

Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution jeans (Ashlee's pick for jeans that don't fall down - they have a hidden band inside that keeps your pants up all day!)

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