Episode 14: Becoming Starry-Eyed with Mandy Arioto


Being a mom is all of it: light and dark, highs and lows, fever pitch frustration and all-consuming love. In this episode we get to chat with Mandy Arioto, author of the newly released book Starry-Eyed, about how the brightest and darkest moments of motherhood can become a sacred opportunity to encounter God. We talk about pursuing rest in our busy lives, celebrating our worthy callings as mothers, beating the comparison trap, and why telling our stories is so important. Plus, the single most important question you can ask another woman and a few tips on keeping little ones busy in the late afternoon hours.

Show Notes


Mandy’s website

Starry-Eyed: Seeing Grace in the Unfolding Constellation of Life and Motherhood releases August 30 and is available here.

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Lesley’s kids love Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend Herbal Tea (fox tea!) which is available soon in stores. Lesley loves this tea for colds, morning sickness or the tummy flu, and this one as a pick-me-up.

A favorite coloring and activity book for the Pre-K and kindergarten age OR try the ice cube tray trick that Ashlee stole from Sarah. (Free and easy!)

A cute tea set for kids / a cute tea pot for mamas / and a mug that will make you happy

Sally Clarkson’s podcast

A great playlist for the witching hour 

Tell us what you do to combat the post-nap grumpies. Leave a comment below or post a photo to Instagram with #coffeeandcrumbs