Episode 01: Introducing the Coffee + Crumbs Podcast


Welcome to the all-new, much anticipated podcast from Coffee + Crumbs. In our first episode we chat about what you can expect from our new show, or, how we basically want to be Sarah Koenig when we grow up. Plus, hear about Ashlee’s love for grocery store flower bouquets, and the big mistake April made before her scheduled c-section. (Hint: we’re talking about bikini waxes!)

Show Notes

Host: Lesley Miller
Co-Hosts: Ashlee Gadd & April Hoss

    Links from this episode

    Some of our favorite podcasts: Serial, Inspired to ActionThe Longest Shortest Time

    The Highlight Reel

    April’s hilarious essay, We Don’t Show Our Penis to the Neighbors 

    Little Luxuries

    Ashlee likes to splurge and buy herself $4 flower bouquets from Trader Joe's.


    The time tracker water bottle / Amazon Prime option

    And, as promised, here's where we record. Glamorous, huh? (picture April wedged between those bookshelves)