Photo Essay: A Should-less Morning

A few months back when our days felt like they were bursting at the seams and our lives were seriously lacking down time, I heard about this idea of having "should-less" days. The concept was simple: when life got too busy or too overwhelming, you'd give yourself a day free from to-dos and obligations to rest, to play and to connect. 

I was all in. 

So now, from time to time, my family does just that. 

Ashley Gartland is life coach who helps moms find and pursue their purpose beyond motherhood. She believes moms can be great moms and pursue work and creative opportunities of their own. Ashley writes about the joys and challenges of finding fulfillment beyond motherhood at and also runs Your Bold, Balanced Life, a Facebook group for moms who want something more for themselves. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two little girls.

Photos by Hazel & Pine Photography