What A Story Can Do: A Call For Submissions

We are storytellers, all of us. Whether we write them in words or not, we all tell a story with our marriages, our parenting, our friendships, and our lives. Stories matter in the most important ways. They can heal, they can hurt, they can relive a memory or they can teach a lesson. But perhaps the most powerful thing a story can do is elicit this: “You, too? I thought I was the only one!”

At Coffee + Crumbs, we love that moment. We love the connection, the laughs, the sighs of relief that another mama, somewhere, on someday, is wrestling through the beautiful job of motherhood right along with us. We believe that this sacred work of raising children is done best in community, where shared experiences can turn strangers into friends, and friends into sisters.

We also believe that the best story is told from the one living it. The raw, unfiltered, deep and lasting impact of your story is best expressed when you tell it.

So, will you? Will you share your story with us?

Coffee + Crumbs accepts submissions on a regular basis, but what we are actively seeking is the story you might be afraid to tell, or the one you haven’t read here before, or the one you think that no one will understand. We want to know the experiences of the single mamas, the lessons of a multi-racial family, the heartaches and joys of raising a child with special needs, and everything in between. As the Coffee + Crumbs audience continues to grow, so does the range and diversity of experiences. Your unique story is in there, and we want to hear it.

We are committed to representing the depth and breadth of our readership in the content we publish, and that’s why we need you and your words. We want Coffee + Crumbs to be the place that celebrates the beautiful diversity of motherhood, and the magnificent stories we are each telling with our own lives.


You can read our submission guidelines here. As always, we are seeking well-written, original essays that capture motherhood in all of its raw and honest glory. We would love to add your voice to the collective memoir we are writing together.  

Written by Katie Blackburn