the hopeful entrepreneur: a photo essay.

One evening, my 5-year-old daughter set up her very own Art Sale (a la lemonade stand) at the end of our driveway. This was totally unprompted. She worked hard creating the artwork, setting up the tables for display, and even choosing the pricing herself.

"Some pieces are my best work and should cost more," she explained to me.

I was worried she wouldn't attract any buyers and be left heartbroken. But within a few minutes, kind neighbors stopped their cars and offered to buy her masterpieces. I snapped that very last photo of her toothless smile, full of pride, just after she sold her last piece. She was thrilled! I think she's caught the entrepreneurial bug. 

Photos and story by Bri Carlisle. Bri is a wife, mother and creative soul living in the Philadelphia area. She enjoys the fact that motherhood requires equal parts patience, humor and crazy love. You can find her at her personal blog, Woven.

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