Hello, Creative Sisters!

Welcome to YOUR Year of Creativity!

For the past six months we have been dreaming of this for YOU, and we couldn’t be happier that you’re finally here.

The Year of Creativity is a space for you to harness and explore the intrinsic creativity of motherhood. It’s a venue, a purpose, a motivation, a community. Just like we want to guide our kids to explore the world, we have crafted a safe space for you to get your creative hands dirty.

More than anything, we want you to mine your life and allow your creative gems to shine. We want you to complete this course with a better understanding of yourself, increased confidence in your creative process and purpose, and a deep appreciation for how motherhood (which often drains us physically) can also richly fill up our hearts and minds.

Each month we’ll focus on a theme that is present in both motherhood and in creative living. The monthly lesson, inspiration, activities, artist interviews, and digital gifts will all focus on this word. Our goal is for these words, themes, and activities to inspire, renew, and encourage you in your creative outlets, whatever those may be. Yes, we’re writers, and so we will write and reflect each month of this journey, but we also want you to dig into your other gifts: painting, photography, design, cooking, music. This is your year to pick up the passion of your childhood, refine the craft you feel like you’ve neglected, or try something entirely new. We want you to blossom (and we want to hear about it!).

Let’s get started!

The C+C Team


Course Description:  The Year of Creativity is a twelve-month journey to empower women to pursue creativity alongside motherhood. Written lessons prepared by the C+C writers are the backbone of the course. Each month we explore an aspect of creativity, giving focus and structure to the process. The lessons include a personal application of how our monthly theme word influences creativity and motherhood. Each month includes: lessons and inspiration prepared by the C+C writers, creativity exercises, writing prompts, community and support through a private Facebook group, digital gifts, artist interviews and more.

Course Format: At the first of each month, you’ll receive an e-mail that unlocks a new lesson right here on our site. Any videos, podcasts, or other resources can be accessed directly within the lesson, and all bonus offerings will be available via digital download (printables, gift tags, etc) from the lesson page.

Course Expectations:  The Year of Creativity offers you space to be self-guided throughout each month. As with many things in life, you will get out of this course what you put into it. We'd love for you to participate as much as possible, but because babies don’t always sleep and seasons of life get busy, there are no requirements to submit writing or participate in the YOC Facebook group. For those who do, we ask for respect, kindness, integrity, and grace to permeate all interactions. Speaking of grace, we ask that you offer it to yourself in full this year. You will be able to keep this content forever. If your kids get sick or some other life event throws a wrench in your schedule, it's okay. Grace upon grace! You can put this down and pick it up as needed. We designed this course to be flexible and self-paced because we are all mothers and we know that's the only way we'd be able to commit.

Course Community: Part of our goal and desire for this course is to foster a haven of like-minded mommas who long for creative community. We would love for you to make some friends here! We're planning to connect on Instagram through monthly hashtags related to the themes, and on Facebook through robust and interesting discussions in our private group. Join us here!

"Inspire" by Anna Jordan

Welcome to the beginning of your creative year! Perhaps you’re already feeling inspired to create, or maybe you can’t remember the last time you felt a rush of inspiration. Regardless, this month we’re going to uncover inspiration all around us, and as we do, we’re going to cast a creative vision for the year to come. We’ll try to shed our inhibitions, seek inspiration with child-like abandon, and then let our discoveries guide our goals for the year.


"Love" by April Hoss

The greatest stories, the most timeless poems, and a whole lot of country songs have all been inspired by one thing: love. But how about your writing? What love gets your pen to paper? This month we'll inventory our hearts and minds as we find what fuels us as artists. Look forward to stealing away for a morning or afternoon as we Walk the Line together across the slippery, sublime, steps of love.


"Perspective" by Callie Feyen

This month we are getting messy. We will take a look at the stories that tug at us, stories that break our hearts, bring a shudder to our spines and maybe a flush to the cheeks. We are going to look closely at the events in our lives we are ashamed and scared of, or angry about, and we are going to see what else is there. What can we create from the mess? How do we make something beautiful out of what aches? We will find that writing the messy is difficult, yes, but it also allows us to create better, more layered, more true stories.


"Vulnerability" by N'tima Preusser

Being vulnerable and accepting radical vulnerability is vital to having deep connections and experiencing the richness of life that we all crave, but we have to be vulnerable with ourselves first before we can open up to others. This month our lesson and our creative activity will help us discover the courage, self acceptance, and compassion we need to make connections and open up in a new way. We’ll also uncover ways we can apply these tools to our daily lives in motherhood and in art.


"Notice" by Ashlee Gadd

This month we’ll pay extra attention to the beautiful stories unraveling all around us. We’ll notice the beauty in ordinary things and find a new appreciation for the unique lens through which we see the world. Plus, we’ll master the art of mobile photography and learn to take better pictures with our phones. Get excited: your Instagram is about to receive a facelift. 


"Space" by Anna Jordan & Ashlee Gadd

We gave it up the minute we became mothers: space. This month we’ll talk about cultivating space to create--space in our homes, our minds, our schedules, and our hearts. We’ll put that into practice by reclaiming a small area of our home where we can feel inspired. Be it a bookshelf, a nightstand, a desk, or a whole room, we’ll have fun rearranging our creative nooks as a group. Before and after pictures encouraged!


"Play" by Anna Quinlan

In a life consumed by play dates and playing house and playing dress-up, have we forgotten how important play is for us? This month we’ll attempt to jump in a time machine and remember what it felt like to let our own spirit play, and we’ll explore the value of making our own fun a priority. We’ll all be challenged to write a story centered around the theme of play, which may sound simple in a motherhood writing workshop, but this time you have to be the main character; the character that laughs the loudest.


"Slow" by Jenn Batchelor

Motherhood can feel like one giant to-do list sometimes, and it feels like the person who crosses off the most items the fastest wins. This month, we’re going to explore what happens when we slow down and savor what’s happening in our life and with our writing. We’ll also talk about the importance of taking time to edit our work, and some tricks and tools to help.


"Relate" by Melanie Dale

As we step into fall routines and back-to-school schedules, it’s easy to feel disconnected. Sometimes the people around us become more like items to organize, boxes to check, or jobs to delegate, and we lose sight of the real relationships with our friends, our husband, our children, our community. This month we’ll strive to see past the schedules and the snack sign-ups and the soccer schedules and cultivate the relationships on the other side. We’ll shift our perspectives in our lives and in our art in order to make something beautiful and new.


"Trust" by Sonya Spillmann

Trust is intrinsic to our children and as they grow, our kids go from trusting us to trusting themselves. But what happens along our journey from childhood to womanhood to motherhood? Why do we have such a hard time trusting ourselves? This month we’ll explore where we place our trust and identify our core values. Knowing trust, much like faith, often starts small, we will encourage you to lean into your unique creative life and trust your creative purpose, process, and voice. 


"Gratitude" by Sarah Hauser

Practicing gratitude allows us to acknowledge all that we have rather than focus on what we lack. It’s a discipline that can deeply impact our own lives as well as those around us. This month, our inward reflection will fill our souls and help us know how to spread gratitude to others. Additionally, this month will feature special Thanksgiving recipes that will help us fill our bellies and nourish those we love.


"Hope" by Katie Blackburn

This month we will practice naming the things we put our hope in, and we’ll identify why that matters and how our behavior follows. We will put to words the things that we hope our children know, do, believe, and become in the world-- then we’ll remind ourselves that they need to see those things in us first.