About Coffee + Crumbs

We are mothers and storytellers. Plain and simple.

We believe the very essence of motherhood can be found in the sweet spot between coffee and crumbs— in that magical place between calm and chaos, beauty and mess, joy and sacrifice.

Coffee + Crumbs is a collection of stories and candid conversations about motherhood, love, and the good kind of heartache. At the very core of this space and our podcast, we want all moms to feel less alone.

Our team is made up of a dozen imperfect mothers, figuring out the mystery of parenthood one day and mistake at a time. Coffee + Crumbs is where we share our stories along the way, regularly practicing our collective mantra of grace > guilt.

Our site launched on July 1, 2014 and had 2.8 million page views in the first eight weeks after three of our posts went viral. In the past four years, we’ve also added an online shop, an online writing course for mothers, and a popular podcast, which boasts over 1.5 million downloads to date. Our first book, The Magic of Motherhood, was released on April 4, 2017.

It is our mission to support, uplift, and inspire mothers through artful storytelling and creative community.

We never offer advice; we simply offer ourselves.

Our readers and listeners trust us and we do not take that lightly. We’re especially passionate about connecting with brands that serve our demographic—mothers of young children.


REACH (as of January 2019)

  • Monthly podcast downloads: 80k-100k

  • Instagram followers: 31k

  • Facebook fans: 21k

  • Email subscribers: 5700 monthly, 600 weekly podcast (57% open)

  • Website visits per month: 47k

We publish an average of three essays per week, four podcast episodes per month, seven Instagram and Facebook posts per week, one monthly newsletter, and one weekly podcast email. 


Our audience is comprised of mainly mothers of young children who seek out community online and trust recommendations from their peers. We are creative and encouraging, seeking thoughtfully produced products and services that make our lives more joyful. 

The breakdown: 98% female, 81% parents, 78% ages 25-34, 96% of whom have children ages five and younger. 53% report a household income $75k+, 83% have a college degree or advanced degree. 72% say they are not done having children. 



Reach a mom, reach a community. Moms talk and more than ever we're talking online.

Our audience trusts our recommendations and we value that trust. Therefore we are highly selective about the brands we partner with.

The primary way we do sponsorships is through our podcast. Podcast listeners are incredibly engaged and our audience grows more and more day by day.

Our podcast audience is captive yet mobile – whether driving, cooking, cleaning, or working, they just want to keep listening. Best yet? By the end of a 45-minute episode, listeners truly feel like they know our hosts, who became familiar and trustworthy voices.

The intimacy, credibility and influence of long-form audio can’t be duplicated in a short video, article, ad or even a blog post.

Our shows have been downloaded over 1.5 million times, and thanks to loyal, engaged listeners who share our episodes with their friends, that number continues to grow-- this includes our very first episodes! Podcasts offer evergreen sponsorship opportunities and have a great shelf life! Here’s an article that talks a bit about podcast advertising that if its new to you.

Here’s where Coffee + Crumbs differs from advertising on other shows: We work hard to make your brand an authentic part of the conversation.

We offer promotions in the middle of our episodes, written by an experienced producer and delivered in a conversational style by a lively co-host who adds color and personal experience to her endorsement while staying on message and brand. Did you know that 67% of podcast listeners like hearing in-show ad testimonials? 

Taking a limited number of sponsors (only two per episode) and being highly selective about who we work with results in increased engagement, the ability to reach an audience in an in-depth way, and increased continuity and credibility.

We only partner with relevant companies who not only want to reach our audience of moms but who also want to support our mission to offer hope and a sense of confidence and community to mothers.

In addition to our podcast advertising opportunities, we offer newsletter and website giveaway promotions. We do not, however, sell ads within our essays on our website or on our Instagram grid. All sponsorships are clearly marked as such in accordance to FTC guidelines.




“The C+C podcast is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to. I didn’t know what to expect, but I am HOOKED. I’ve listened on my commute home and find myself laughing, crying, and nodding ‘me too’ as I listen.”

“How refreshing, empowering, and confidence-boosting this podcast is!”

“There is such reassuring, honest, and warm stuff going on here.”

“I love this podcast! Every time I listen to it, I feel like I’m eavesdropping on a conversation of some moms at the park. I always want to jump in their conversation and say, ‘Me too! I feel that way too!’ This podcast is definitely worth the precious moments you have in your day. You won’t regret it.”

“One time the show was so spot on, I stood in my utility room sobbing while folding laundry.”

“Wholesome, real, humble, and touching on all topics relevant to the modern mama ... I can’t stop listening.”

“This podcast hits on all the feels: happiness, nostalgia, guilt, frustration. I love hearing my same stories come out of other women’s mouths—you mean I’m not alone in this?! Thanks for presenting motherhood and womanhood in its raw form.”


The Coffee + Crumbs Podcast is a place where candid conversations happen about parenting. To date, we have over 1.5 million downloads and the average episode reaches the ears of more than 18,000 loyal listeners within it's first 10 days. With 900+ five star reviews, our podcast continues to help mothers know they are not alone.


Ads are host read and we will create the ad using your talking points as an outline. If we’ve tried your product and love it, we’ll say so. If we haven’t tried the product, we will simply share how your product works and why other moms love it. Please consider allowing members of our team to try your product/service before recording the ad especially if you’re considering booking more than one spot.

We offer two advertising spots to non-competing brands ("A-spot" and "B-spot") on every episode. 

Our podcast advertising package includes:

  • 60-second host-read midroll

  • outbound links at the top of our show notes

  • outbound links in our weekly podcast newsletter

  • one Instagram Story mention with a call to action link in our "swipe up" for our 31k Instagram followers (which is a huge value as we do not offer any other sponsorship opportunities on our Instagram at this time)

Price: $800* per episode with a 10% discount for booking three episodes or more. 


This is an exclusive partnership as we only accept one sponsor per newsletter (twelve per year). Sponsor receives a mention and link at the very top of our newsletter in addition to a 50-75 word organic mention within the newsletter itself. 

Price: $300* / month stand-alone or $175 / month with a podcast sponsorship.

We are happy to discuss other add-on options, such as pre-roll, sponsored conversations, and live events.



[* if sponsorship is agency brokered, we ask that our take home rate is as listed, so please bid clients $800 plus agency commission]

Our current season (Season 4 / 2019) sold out May 2019.

Our seasons run March - November (with an August hiatus).

Date A-Spot B-Spot
March 19 Zola Care/Of
March 26 Care.com Lola
April 2 Hello Fresh Molekule
April 9 Hopster.tv Ducosol Kids
April 16 Hopster.tv KiwiCo
April 23 Prep Dish Harper Wilde
April 30 KiwiCo Beauty By Design
May 7 Care.com Daily Harvest
May 14 Hello Fresh Simple Contacts
May 21 Hello Fresh* Helping Children to Read
May 28 Prep Dish Simple Contacts*
June 4 Hello Fresh Swaddle & Swoon
June 11 Harper Wilde Daily Harvest
June 18 Noom Away Travel
June 25 Prep Dish Daily Harvest
July 2 Care.com Simple Contacts*
July 9 Noom Peanut
July 16 Hello Fresh Plant Package
July 23 Noom Plant Package
July 30 Prep Dish Plant Package
Sept. 3 Care.com Buffy
Sept. 10 Hello Fresh Light Filled Home
Sept. 17 Noom Healthy Height
Sept. 24 Prep Dish Inspire Bible
Oct. 1 Michelin Ana Luisa
Oct. 8 Hello Fresh Michelin
Oct. 15 Noom Michelin
Oct. 22 Michelin care/of
Oct. 29 Prep Dish Ana Louisa
Nov. 5 Care.com Ana Louisa
Nov. 12 Hello Fresh Ana Louisa
Nov. 19 Noom care/of
Nov. 26 Prep Dish Inspire Bible
Dec. 3 Hello Fresh Dignify
Dec. 10 Dignify Noom
Dec. 17 Noom Modcloth

Note: Because our ad spots are extremely limited and do sell out well in advance, we can only hold specific dates for only 48-hours once we receive a request for partnership (marked as "hold"). Our ad spots are first come, first serve, but we do take backups if held ads do not follow up.



Contact Katie, our director of brand partnerships and Indiana, our podcast host at podcast@coffeeandcrumbs.net