Episode 53: Talking With Kids About Sex


Today we’re wrapping up our mini-series on how to have important conversations with your kids, and, well, this one is going to make you blush the most because we’re talking about SEX. Our guest today is Kristen Crichton, a marriage and family therapist and professor of human sexuality at William Jessup University. Kristen packs a punch in this conversation, reminding us

why this dialogue should start at birth—because the greatest enemy of sexual wholeness is silence. Plus, she reminds us that we need to be the ones to tell our kids sex is fun and also teach them to respect Mom and Dad’s locked door. We hope you leave this episode feeling empowered to make the most of every opportunity and every curious observation! Remember: if you need to practice saying body parts without blushing or giggling, this makes an excellent Girls Night In.

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