Episode 52: Talking With Kids About Tricky People with Sam Sutherland


Continuing our mini-series on how to have important conversations with your kids, on today’s episode we tackle how to talk about tricky people. Sam Sutherland—a social worker with more than 10 years of experience working with schools and social welfare organizations—joins Indiana and Ashlee to share her expertise on this topic. In this conversation, you’ll learn why it’s best to use the term “tricky people” over stranger danger, five rules to teach our kids by the time they’re five years old, and some general tips for how we can empower our kids to trust their instincts. Plus, we talk about Sam’s stance on sleepovers, the difference between secrets and surprises, and why she’s never afraid to be the bad guy. We hope you leave this episode feeling equipped to have this conversation with your kids, and possibly implement some new strategies to help keep your family safe.  

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