This is How We Do: Pregnancy


With Ashlee and April both being pregnant, we thought it was high time to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of gestating (speaking of ugly—does anyone else hate that word?). Tune in today to hear us discuss everything from first trimester puking to maternity fashion to whether or not it’s appropriate to register for your third (or fourth!) baby. You’ll also hear a short rant about the awkwardness of prenatal weigh-ins, and find out which host didn’t know she was pregnant until she was 18 weeks along. Whether you’re in the throes of morning sickness, debating if you can pull off maternity overalls (you so can!), or waddling around three days past your due date—this one goes out to all our fellow pregnant mommas. Growing a human is hard work, and you’re doing an awesome job!  

As always, we hope this conversation fills you up like a coffee date with good girlfriends.

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