This is How We Do: Organization & Systems


Calling all Monica Gellers! From family schedules and laundry to email and to-do lists—today we’re sharing the organizational tips and systems that keep our homes running (relatively?) smoothly. In this episode, April shares a smart hack for managing mail (tip: don’t let it enter the house!), Ashlee passionately discusses her cutthroat approach to clutter, and Indi is mostly just here to listen and learn. Whether you geek out over a pretty color-coded calendar like April or keep your entire family’s schedule in your head like Ashlee, we hope this conversation makes you smile and possibly inspires you to finally tackle that one system in your house that isn’t working.

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This is How We Do: Marital Communication



Today we’re pulling back the curtain on how we communicate with our spouses—from arguments to resolutions and everything in between. We’re spilling the beans on our silliest recurring fights, how we do (and don’t) flirt, and when/how we tackle hard conversations in our homes. Plus, you’ll learn our stances on R-rated text messages and why nacho cheese is a surprisingly contentious topic! Whether you’ve been married for two years or two decades, we hope this conversation makes you smile and reminds you that all of our marriages are a work in progress.

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We love the personality tests at Coffee + Crumbs. The Road Back To You is a book Ashlee and Indiana have read about enneagrams, but here’s a (free!) test to start. We also mention Meyers Briggs and here’s a free test for that!

Whatever happened to AIM?!

App you might need: GIF Keyboard, Photo Vault… just in case you need to lock away your PG-13+ photos.

Bugeting help:, YNAB

Emily of Be.Leathercraft was our Slow Claps contributor this week!

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Hosted by Indiana Adams, Ashlee Gadd, and April Hoss, produced by Katie Leipprandt, edited by Kyle Cummings.

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Episode 56: Growing Your Family: Part Three (Infertility)


To wrap up our mini-series on growing your family, today we’re talking about infertility with C+C writer Melanie Dale. We discuss how infertility can put pressure on your sex life, the depression Melanie experienced as she was going through fertility treatments, and how she eventually broke through to a healthy place with the help of girlfriends and a counselor. Plus, we hear all about the sperm illustrations in her forthcoming book, Infreakinfertility! For those of you who have walked this road before or are currently walking it now, we hope Melanie’s voice gives you hope for the future and possibly helps you find a tiny bit of humor in it along the way.

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Episode 55: Growing Your Family: Part Two


In part two of our mini-series on growing a family, today we’re addressing a side that isn’t often discussed publicly: what happens when spouses disagree on whether or not their family is complete? C+C writers Jenn Batchelor and Anna Quinlan join host Indiana Adams for a vulnerable conversation on what it looks like when one spouse wants another baby, and the other doesn’t. While we don’t have a beautiful bow to wrap up today’s episode with, we hope this raw and honest discussion encourages you, especially if you’re walking a similar journey with your spouse.

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This is How We Do: Date Night


Ever wonder how other couples manage to have a regular date night once kids enter the picture? Today April, Indiana and Ashlee chat about the complexity of making date night happen with kids running around. You’ll hear how the concept of ‘date night’ has changed from pre-kids to post-kids, how they make childcare work, what makes for a great date, and of course, what makes for a bad one as well. Plus, April shares about her ‘stay-in date night clothes’ and you’ll get to find out what bizarre thing Indiana and her husband did for a cheap night out back in college. Whether your ideal date night includes a four-course meal at a hip restaurant or eating takeout on the couch, we hope you feel encouraged after this episode to plan a date night of your own this month!

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