Episode 60: Motherhood + The Military with Hunter Beless and Christy Curtis


Today Indiana is chatting with Hunter Beless, creator of the Journeywomen podcast, and Christy Curtis, founder of the Military Moms blog, about life at the intersection of motherhood and the military. Christy and Hunter open up about how they handle long periods of time away from their husbands and the lengths they have to go to to plug into new communities. They also share how non-military families can love their military friends well and one big thing they’d like civilians to please stop doing. Plus, Hunter shares the questions she always asks to help her connect quickly with other women. Whether you’re a seasoned military mom or a civilian without a clue what life as an enlisted spouse looks like, we hope this episode reminds you of the strength we can all find in community, no matter where your life circumstances may take you.

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