Episode 77: Blizzards, Babies, and Brainstorming (aka the 2019 Team Retreat)



At the end of September, most of the Coffee + Crumbs team came together live and in person (!!) for four days in the Pacific Northwest. We weathered an unexpected blizzard, ate all the food, passed around babies, and spoke truth and encouragement into one another's dreams. On our last night together, we sat in the living room of Katie Blackburn's parents' home (who graciously welcomed all 15 of us when we had to evacuate from the mountain), and captured our conversation—and giggles—for your listening pleasure. We all rank our degree of nervousness pre-retreat, recap our funniest and favorite moments from our time together, and speak to the "secret sauce" that connects us to one another in a way that transcends our typical expectations of friendships.

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