Episode 74: Your Sex Questions Answered, Part One



We're back from our sabbatical and comin' in hot with a two-part episode you've been begging us to cover: SEX! Today we're tackling your sex and intimacy questions with expert and psychologist Dr. Juli Slattery. From frequency and mismatched sex drives to how to spice things up, no topic is too taboo. This is not an episode designed for little ears, so grab your headphones and settle in for a frank, honest, and encouraging conversation about connecting intimately with your partner in a hectic season of life. Special thank you to our Patrons for submitting questions for this episode!

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Hosted by Indiana Adams, Ashlee Gadd, and April Hoss with special guest Dr. Juli Slattery, produced by Katie Leipprandt, edited by Kyle Cummings, content managed by Jennifer Batchelor.


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