Episode 66: Postpartum Depression: Beyond "The Baby Blues"



This week we begin our three-part postpartum series with an honest conversation about postpartum depression. In this episode, friend of the show Christina Kposowa shares her experience with postpartum depression following the births of her two sons, and we're also joined by licensed counselor Dr. Michele Harding who walks us through the difference between "baby blues" and PPD. She also provides some great suggestions for how we can support other moms who are struggling with postpartum depression and demystifies what that first counseling session might look like. We’re grateful to have Bryn Huntpalmer from The Birth Hour as a special guest host for this episode.

We want to encourage any listener who feels like she might be experiencing postpartum depression to contact her doctor or care provider immediately; today's episode is informational only and is not designed to be a substitute for appropriate medical advice and attention.

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Is it baby blues or postpartum depression? If your feelings of anxiety, rage, or sadness linger for more than two weeks, talk to your doctor.

How to talk to your doctor about postpartum depression

Postpartum Depression Symptom Checklist:
• Are weepy and feel a sense of being overwhelmed for longer than three weeks after delivery
• Are unable to function
• Feel your symptoms are unbearable
• Are unable to sleep, even though you are exhausted
• Want to sleep all the time
• Are sleeping more than usual
• Cry continuously
• Can't enjoy your baby at all
• Don't want to spend time with your baby
• Feel afraid of your baby
• Have a dramatic change in appetite
• Are troubled by anxious thoughts about your baby being harmed
• Feel intense rage
• Have a personal or family history of depression or anxiety
• Withdraw from activities you normally enjoy
• Feel that you have "gone away" or lost yourself
• Think about harming yourself
• Believe your family would be better off without you or that you never should have become a mother

One mom has made a music album about finding hope in the midst of PPD and PPA.

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Hosted by Indiana Adams with Christina Kposowa and Dr. Michele Harding, produced by Katie Leipprandt, edited by Kyle Cummings, content managed by Jennifer Batchelor.


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