How to Listen to a Podcast on Your Mobile Device

streaming our Show on your Apple IOS Device

iOS Podcast App

We think the easiest way to listen to our show on your IOS device is to find the purple Apple Podcasts App which should automatically exist in your app collection. (Can't find it? You can download it for free in the App Store.)

Once you've opened the Podcasts App, search for Coffee + Crumbs and then click the purple SUBSCRIBE button. Once you’ve subscribed, your devices will be automatically updated every time a new episode releases. Look for new episodes by clicking on the My Podcasts tab within iTunes or the Podcast app.

Here's another tip: if you want to listen to the episode when you don't have Wi-fi (think: on the treadmill) you'll want to download the episode to your phone. See those little tiny clouds with the downward facing arrow button? Click them! Now you can listen to our chit-chat and laughter wherever you go.  Not a fan of the Podcasts App? There are a number of other podcasting apps you can try like Stitcher or Overcast. In fact, here's a round-up: Best Podcasts Apps for the iPhone

streaming Our Show on your Android Device

If you're an Android user, we recommend using the Stitcher app which you can find in the Google Play store. Then, once you're in the app, search for "Coffee + Crumbs." Click the plus (+) sign to add our podcast to your Favorites list. Similar to the iPhone, you'll want to tell your app to download our latest episodes so that you can listen even if you're on a remote highway or somewhere that doesn't have Wi-fi. Go to your Favorites list, and look for the gear symbol in the upper right corner. Click on that, and tell it to download new episodes.

Ta-da! Look at you! You're a podcast listener! 

Want more app options within Android? You've got choices: Best Podcast Apps for Android.