Coffee + Crumbs Photo Submissions

landscape + nature stock photography

Coffee + Crumbs is a storytelling blog about motherhood that reaches over 100,000 women every month across a span of 140 countries. We believe in slow writing and letting our words breathe on the page, which is why we only publish three essays a week.

Our site is bright and simple and beautiful on purpose. Coffee + Crumbs is an online haven for mothers - a place where they can come morning, afternoon, and 3am to feel less alone. Photography greatly contributes to the overall vibe and aesthetic of our site, which readers have often referred to as a "breath of fresh air." 

We believe pursuing creativity alongside motherhood is a worthwhile pursuit, and we are thrilled to offer photographers an opportunity to contribute to our mission of encouraging mothers around the world through honest stories and beautiful photography.  


Photo Guidelines:

-We love clean, bright images. We love neutral colors, and photos that haven't been overly processed.
-We feature mostly object-based photos, and rarely use images of people.
-Photos should be in landscape orientation, sized at least 1000 pixels wide.
-You may submit as many photos as you like, up to three at a time.

Photo Credit: 

If we use your image on our website, you'll be credited by name with a link to your website. If we use your image on Instagram, we'll tag you and mention your Instagram handle in the caption. 

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