Mother to Mother


We hope that as our site and community continue to grow, we can use our influence (and dollars) to make a positive impact in the lives of mothers around the globe through love, prayer, and financial support. We can't do it without you!


Our first mission: Puerta de Esperanza in Guatemala

Melanie and Ashlee had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala last April with Children's HopeChest.

On that trip they learned of a group of mothers who lack access to education, and are struggling to take care of their kids by foraging through the dump for recyclables. We want to come alongside these mothers by partnering with a local leader, Jomara, who has dreams of launching a co-op and literacy program for them.


about puerta de esperanza

The Puerta de Esperanza CarePoint is a ministry that cares for the children and families that live in the area surrounding Guatemala City’s largest city dump and market. The community suffers major problems with domestic violence, gang violence, human trafficking, and drug abuse. Therefore, a ministry like Puerta de Esperanza is literally a “Door of Hope” for these children. The primary place the children gather is called “La Terminal” market, which is the city’s largest bus terminal, market, and trash producer. 


Meet Jomara & Carol 

Jomara (left) dreams of starting a support group for the mothers in La Terminal. She told us that many of them cannot read or write, which means they often get cheated from earning a decent wage. She wants to create for a co-op for the mothers, a literacy program and support system where they can learn together and encourage one another. Most programs in Jomara's area focus on the children, but the mothers often get left behind. She wants to change that. Carol (right) will be leading the literacy program. 

We're looking to fund two programs:


We plan to train and organize the ladies of the community in areas such as child protection, Bible training, birth registration, group therapy, legal advocacy, and how to search for donors.


We want to establish a co-op with the women of the garbage dump area from La Terminal. These women currently work in the dump recollecting different materials (plastic bottles, carton, paper) and are regularly cheated from earning a fair price on the items. This new co-op will ensure that the women are paid fairly on what they collect. 

That’s a total of $3,500 and with a community our size, we believe we can do that. Your donations are tax-deductible! Head over to our Children's HopeChest fundraising page if you'd like to make a donation. No amount is too small for this cause; every dollar counts and will make a difference.