Jobs + Internships

Hey there! We're so excited to be expanding our team in 2018. We are currently searching for a few talented women to join forces with us in our mission to encourage mothers. While we are still growing, some of these positions are volunteer-based. It is our plan to make every position within C+C a paid position as soon as it is financially possible for us to do so (hopefully later this year!). 

UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming number of applications we've received, we are closing all applications end of day on January 12th. Thank you so much! We are humbled and grateful that so many talented women want to work with us!


Podcast Host

About the show // The Coffee + Crumbs podcast is an audible space designed to make mothers feel safe, known, encouraged and loved. We talk about everything from mom hacks and little luxuries to the deeper stuff, like marriage and mental health. Past topics have included: adoption, miscarriage, infertility, step-parenting, working moms, parenting with special needs, growing your family, raising bicultural / bilingual kids, birth stories, and many more. We’ve interviewed a variety of guests including Erin Loechner, Jen Hatmaker, Ann Voskamp, and Heather Avis.

Our podcast can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and Spotify. With 43 episodes under our belt, our show has been downloaded more than half a million times.

About you // You’re already a fan of the Coffee + Crumbs podcast and are familiar with our work. Ideally, you have podcasting and/or radio experience (or, if not, you have a background that includes public speaking, teaching, group facilitation, or other means of communicating clearly and passionately to an audience). Your communication skills are off the charts, you love encouraging mothers, and you like to talk (a lot). You are organized, professional, creative, optimistic and enthusiastic. You can transition easily between light-hearted topics and heavy ones, and enjoy asking thoughtful questions. You love being part of a team and working with other women. You believe in community over competition. You are hardworking, humble, respectful, and have a good sense of humor. You are willing to share about your life, your faith, and your own experiences, while keeping an open mind to the experiences of others.  

Job entails:

-Brainstorming topic ideas.
-Collaborating on show outlines.
-Corresponding with interviewees.
-Recording 2-4 episodes per month.
-Writing + recording ads.
-Assisting with show notes and social media content.

More so than any other role at Coffee + Crumbs, the new C+C podcast host has the unique opportunity to become a significant voice for our brand. This is not a hire we take lightly! Applicants who pass the first screening will go on to the second interview phase, which includes an audio file submission and a phone call with Ashlee.

This position pays a per-episode stipend, plus a profit-sharing bonus from ad sales (paid quarterly). All opportunities within Coffee + Crumbs are freelance, work-at-home positions. You will need to submit a W-9 form upon hire. We are looking for a minimum two-season commitment for 2018 and 2019. We hope to resume season three in April, depending on how long the hiring process takes.

We are taking applications now through January 12th; the second interview phase will be conducted shortly after. You will be notified by January 20th if we’d like to bring you into the next round. Thank you in advance for your patience while we read through applications. APPLY HERE

Podcast production assistant

You're already a fan of the Coffee + Crumbs podcast and familiar with our work. You're a bit of a podcast fiend in general and stoked at the idea of working behind the scenes for a real show. You're detail-oriented, social media savvy, professional, creative, and capable of writing clever copy. 

Job entails: 

-Provide assistance to Podcast Host & Executive Producer.
-Assist with writing show notes + social media copy.
-Facilitate promotion opportunities with other podcasts.
-Assist Director of Partnerships in ad sales + logistics.
-Research trends + software, make suggestions for improvements.

This is a volunteer position to start, roughly two hours per week.
We plan to make this a paid position as soon as we are able to. APPLY HERE



Director of partnerships

In a previous life, you may have worked in marketing or PR. You appreciate creative campaigns and the idea of cold e-mailing brands does not intimidate you in the slightest. You're an initiator, self-motivated,  and need very little supervision or direction. You're familiar with the Coffee + Crumbs brand and demographic. You are honest, ethical, professional, and creative. 

Job entails: 

-Pitching women's lifestyle + baby brands for giveaways, podcast ads, and newsletter sponsorships. 
-Handling all partnership correspondence + inquiries
-Managing our media kit; making suggestions for improvement. 
-Writing giveaway copy and managing giveaways through Rafflecopter.
-Creating relevant social media content.
-Fostering + maintaining positive relationships with all partners.

This position is work-at-your-own-pace and pays a 35% commission on all secured partnerships (paid quarterly). All opportunities within Coffee + Crumbs are freelance, work-at-home positions. You will need to submit a W-9 form upon hire. APPLY HERE. 

Art Director

You appreciate beauty everywhere you go. You are a photographer looking to use your gifts for a greater purpose. You understand the importance of consistency and are familiar with the Coffee + Crumbs brand. You are a visionary, have a strong eye for design, and know your way around Squarespace. 

Job entails: 

-Curating stock images to pair with every C+C essay.
-Taking occasional photos for our site, social media + newsletter.
-Working with our Social Media Manager to ensure consistency across our Instagram feed.

This is a volunteer position to start, roughly 4 hours per month. We plan to make this a paid position as soon as we are able to. APPLY HERE. 


Freewrite Editor

Instagram is your jam. You are all about the micro essay and love the challenge of telling a story in 2200 characters or less. You are concise, thorough, and can spot a typo a mile away. Your e-mails are flawless; you're the girl who uses correct grammar even in texts. 

Job entails: 

-Turning guest essay submissions into 2200 character works of art.
-Making photo suggestions for each freewrite.
-Curating content from a (new) C+C hashtag launching in 2018.
-Keeping an eye out on IG for relevant reposts. 
-Working with our Social Media Manager to schedule 1-2 freewrites per week on IG/Facebook.

This is a volunteer position to start, roughly 4 hours per month. We plan to make this a paid position as soon as we are able. APPLY HERE.