The Name Bubbles Giveaway!

"Who knew kids came with so much ... stuff?" I still remember my husband's exasperated expression as he surveyed our living room a few weeks into parenthood. A swing tucked in the corner, a stack of diapers on the floor next to the couch; a half-finished bottle on the end table and a pile of clean laundry to fold balanced on the ottoman. Yes, our son certainly required a lot of gear for someone who only weighed five pounds.

When he started daycare, a new question arose: how do you keep track of your kid's stuff if everything leaves the house? Baby bottles, extra outfits, pacifiers ... it felt impossible to keep these items from disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle of Lost Baby Things, never to be seen again.

Enter NameBubbles. What started as a mom-owned, home-based business has transformed into an award-winning company offering one-of-a-kind personalized labels in thousands of styles, colors, icons and fonts as unique as your kids themselves.

Their labels are laundry, dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, which means they can withstand the chaos of daily life. The school packs and daycare labels packs are great for keeping organized and the gold write-on labels packs are an attractive way to organize household items.

Every personalization order is checked and rechecked for accuracy, and carefully packaged to be delivered to your door. Once you get your package, you’ll even see the names of the team members that made your personalized order!

Enter the NameBubbles giveaway below to win two school labels packs and a set of gold write-on labels! Also, use the code CRUMBS to save 20% off any order placed by Oct. 31 on the NameBubbles website.