The Strong as a Mother Giveaway!

When we saw these Strong as a Mother shirts, designed by Jenna Hobbs and Tamara Komuniecki, we fell in love. We knew they'd be PERFECT for our team to rock as we set up for the book launch party. A dozen women setting up tables, stocking drinks, and scurrying around to perfect every last detail? No sweat. Mom strength was in full effect. 

(We wore these shirts all morning, and then slept in them all night, and then wore them on our flights home. So yeah...we really really like them.) 


Jenna Hobbs is the original creator of the Strong As A Mother t-shirt, inspired by a workout group she started in her hometown of Stony Plain, Alberta. What started as a group of mothers gathering to exercise quickly became something even better: a unique, safe environment where women could speak freely about their motherhood experiences. 

To bring the group even closer, Jenna made the first iteration of Strong as a Mother t-shirts.

"This message was the embodiment of our physical and mental strength as we worked through the weekly workouts, but also on something much bigger. It was all of us as mothers, fighting the daily battles while working all day and all night, longing for a hot cup of coffee, when a sick day is not an option, and the rewards of the job are love. We could all relate to this saying, STRONG AS A MOTHER. We were all in the bittersweet trenches of motherhood."

By the time Tamara discovered the t-shirt on social media and wrote to inquire about wholesale purchasing for her shop (Delish General Store), Jenna had two children and was pregnant with twins. Tamara offered to produce the shirts in Vancouver and use her platform as a way of spreading the movement as far and wide as she could.

A perfect match, right?

We love love LOVE supporting mom-run businesses, and Strong As A Mother is no exception. This is our favorite tee, but we're also eying this black and gold tank top

This week Strong As A Mother is giving one lucky reader a t-shirt of their choice, and you can also use promo code "coffeeandcrumbs" at checkout to save 15% off your purchase! If you want to treat yourself to an early Mother's Day gift, we wholeheartedly support that (#littleluxuries). 

Enter below for a chance to win -- we'll pick a winner next Monday!