The Pink Blush Giveaway!

Did you know that two of the Coffee + Crumbs writers are expecting right now? April is expecting a baby boy pretty much any day now, and Sarah is due with baby Hauser in July.

As we were excitedly chattering on Slack about all things book launch party, Sarah asked where she should shop for a maternity dress. Everyone on the team chimed in with the same response: Pink Blush!

There are twelve women who make up the C+C team and we have 30 children between us (soon to be 32!), so if there's one thing we know, it's maternity wear. Pink Blush is our group go-to for dresses; they have a variety of styles and patterns so everyone can find something they feel beautiful in.

Sarah totally rocked this navy blue dress at our book launch party!

They also have TOTALLY comfy and cute pajamas (April has basically been living in these adorable floral pajama pants), and non-maternity clothes, too!

Photo Credit: Kenzie StapLes // Lori Romney

Photo Credit: Kenzie StapLes // Lori Romney

This week, Coffee + Crumbs is partnering with Pink Blush to give away a $75 gift card to one lucky reader, perfect for your own dress or pajama pants (or both!). Enter the giveaway today to win!