Pure Growth Organic Giveaway!

It's easy for snack time to devolve into a battle of wills. Your kids turn up their noses at healthy options, but you're reluctant to pull another overly-processed, high-sugar treat from the pantry. Finding a variety of snack choices that are healthy, affordable, portable and popular with the kiddos can be frustrating and time-consuming, and no momma has time for that, right?

Enter Pure Growth Organic. While walking down the aisles of the grocery store shopping for her son and family, Sabrina Peterson noticed that organic snacks cost significantly more than other children’s snacks and many ingredients were sourced and manufactured outside of the U.S. She decided to start a company that made organic snacks that were affordable, popular with kids, and manufactured entirely in the U.S. They officially launched in 2016 and they've also partnered with Disney and Nickelodeon to create fun packaging with kids’ favorite characters.

Currently, Pure Growth Organic's snack options include a variety of sweet and salty items, such as popcorn, breakfast biscuits and animal crackers. They're available for purchase on Amazon, making snack-to-door delivery a thing. Yes, please.

Every morning I make myself a cup of decaf coffee and pour my son a glass of milk. We then open and share a pack of Pure Growth Organic’s Chocolate Breakfast Biscuit. I dip mine into my coffee while my son dips his into his milk. It’s a nice moment we share before I go to work and it’s these types of shareable, co-snacking moments we want for our consumers.
— Sabrina Peterson Co-Founder & President of Pure Growth Organic

Pure Growth Organic has partnered with Coffee + Crumbs to give one lucky reader a gift basket of their best-selling snack options, along with a reusable tote! Enter now; giveaway ends March 13! Please note: You must reside in the United States to be eligible to win.