PacaPod Givaway!

Diaper bags. No matter how good our intentions, they always devolve into a Mary Poppins-ish catchall, with a thick layer of crushed Goldfish and Cheerios coating the bottom. What we need is something that does the organizing FOR us, because we're busy keeping kids alive and really, we don't need the extra challenge right now. If it can be efficient and look great, too, just point us to the order page.

Meet PacaPod. Creator and Founder Jacqueline Waggett has a background in clothing design and is an avid traveler. As a mother of two girls, her experience in design, combined with the tips and tricks she learned for traveling efficiently, came in handy when she came to realize that there was a gap in the market for well-designed diaper bags.

Launched in 2008, PacaPod was born out of a desire to meet function with style, and to make every bag ideal for any journey away from home with children. Their 3-in-1 pod system is something that no other diaper bags have. It keeps all of baby’s feeding and changing items in order. The Feeder Pod is insulated to store formula, snacks, breast milk, and more. It even fits most manual breast pump brands. The Changer Pod has a pocket for diapers, wipes, rash cream, hand sanitizer, etc.

Parenting can be hectic, but it’s our mission to bring order to chaos and to keep families prepared and in control no matter where they wander.

PacaPod has partnered with Coffee + Crumbs to give one lucky reader a bag of her choice, valued up to $475! Enter now; giveaway ends March 20! Please note: You must reside in the U.S. or U.K. to be eligible to win. Plus, everyone can save 15% off any diaper bag by emailing for your unique discount code. (Offer ends March 27 and applies to orders over $100.)