ToteSavvy Giveaway!

Have you ever dreamed of carrying your baby supplies in a bag that doesn't scream "I'm holding diapers and wipes" - yet is still efficient while you're out and about...

*cue dream sequence*

Enter: ToteSavvy -- the first organizational insert designed specifically to turn ANY large tote into a fully functional diaper bag.

Created out of necessity, ToteSavvy was dreamed up when CEO & founder, Lauren Kutting, decided not to purchase a diaper bag with the hope that she could just throw all of her essentials inside a large tote of her choosing. Long story short, it ended up being a chaotic mess, so she took to her sewing machine and built the first prototype. After using it for a few months, Lauren realized just how useful this insert was and how it could help other parents retain their personal style while staying organized. 

ToteSavvy is so much more than just a bag organizer. With features like an insulated pocket, changing mat, and key clasp, all the details that went into this insert were included in order to make parents’ lives easier. Simply put, every essential is made easily accessible for the mom who has enough to worry about when getting out the door.

This week, we've partnered with ToteSavvy to give a $72 Life In Play Company store credit to one Coffee + Crumbs reader! Enter below; we'll pick a winner next Monday. 

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