Parker Clay Giveaway!

We are SO excited to be teaming up with Parker Clay this week on a giveaway! We love the heart and soul behind this brand, and have asked Co-Founder Ian Bentley to share a bit of the Parker Clay story and mission with you today. 


When I made my first 9,000 mile journey over to Ethiopia, it was because of my daughter Selah. I can remember the overwhelming feeling I had in meeting her for the first time, and in that moment life changed forever.  

Prior to this trip to Ethiopia, there was a burden on my heart, and it started with Parker and Clay, my two sons. When I became a father, my idea of love was taken to a whole new level, and when I looked at Parker and Clay I just couldn't help but think of all the children around the world without the love of a mother or father. This catalyst is what took the first 9,000 mile trip, and as a result of this first visit, our family packed up our lives and moved to Ethiopia to help with development work centered on job creation and capacity development with vulnerable women.

In the capital city of Addis Ababa alone, it’s estimated there are over 150,000 women involved in the commercial sex industry. Lacking opportunities in which they can have meaning and hope, these women are easily lured into prostitution as a way of supporting themselves and their families. We have seen first-hand their cry to leave the commercial sex industry, and we have partnered with a local organization dedicated to lifting these women out of prostitution and providing them with opportunity elsewhere.  

With each product, we are partnering with the non-profit, Women at Risk, in giving back to empower more women in Ethiopia realize their potential. Women at Risk has been helping women in Ethiopia for over 18 years through rehabilitation, counseling, and skills training. By purchasing from Parker Clay, you join this movement.

My journey into fatherhood has fueled my passion for Parker Clay, and my love for my children is what inspired me into this business. As Co-Founder of Parker Clay, and now dad to five amazing kids, I often think of what it really means to be a dad and the incredible joy I feel in being a father. The love of a father is rooted in the foundation of the Parker Clay DNA. For this reason, we’re excited to partner with Coffee + Crumbs to celebrate fathers and fatherhood.

This week Parker Clay is giving away one Men’s Billfold Wallet (great gift for dads!) and one Women’s Wallet. Enter below for your chance to win; we'll choose a winner next Monday. 

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