Godee Giveaway!

The Godee, by MeLuvKush™, is the perfect newborn accessory. Founded by three ambitious moms of South Asian heritage, their mission is to surround newborns with love and happiness. The Godee has been adapted from the traditional Indian word “godhi” meaning "in your lap." You can use the Godee to hold, pass, nurse, and bond with your newborn, and it allows parents, family and friends to carry your baby in a safe and secure way. MeLuvKush loosely translates to "I Love happiness", and to everyone at MeLuvKush, your happiness is paramount. 

The Godee is proudly designed in NYC and made in Jaipur, India. Handmade with great care by artisans in Jaipur using a block-printing technique, the godee collection comes in four vibrant colors and two patterns. All designs reflect the masterful textile art of the country with a New York twist.  

We're partnering with MeLuvKush this week to give one lucky winner an adorable Godee of their choice. Read more about the Godee at the MeLuvKush website: www.meluvkush.com and see their "happygrams" here. We'll choose a winner next Monday, October 5th. Good luck!