Lily Jade Giveaway!

Our kitchen tables are rarely un-sticky, our cars are littered with puffs, and our t-shirts usually contain a few remnants from breakfast. Let's face it -- we're moms of little children, and the daily grind can be less than glamorous. 

Needless to say, when we find a brand that celebrates motherhood with a product that is useful, well-made, and dare we say, glamorous, we are ALL ABOUT IT. 

Enter: Lily Jade -- the gorgeous diaper bag line created by Meggan Wood. Stumped by a lack of stylish and functional options, Meggan set out to create a collection of beautifully crafted, luxurious leather bags. Each design includes a 16-pocket, machine-washable organizer, allowing every bag to serve double duty as a diaper bag and the classic tote you'll keep forever. 

Lily Jade features premium, full grain leather and a surprising level of detailed craftsmanship. Tassels include hand finished natural stone beads and two-sided leather on the strands. While other brands skimp on leather in "hidden areas" like under the pocket flaps, Lily Jade doesn’t. Thanks to their unique e-commerce model, they offer more for less.

Our favorite thing about Lily Jade? Their mission statement:

We want each woman to leave our social media pages feeling: “What I do as a mother matters!” because we’ve reminded her. “Yes, me too!” because we’ve provided her with a sense of community. “I am loved!” because we’ve valued and esteemed her. “I can do this!” because we’ve given her the encouragement + the tools she needs. We are weaving the hilarious, difficult, blessed, beautiful story of motherhood throughout everything we do.

Head over to their website now to see the most popular styles convert to backpacks with the flip of a clasp, and learn more about their patent-pending three-in-one bag system.

We are SO EXCITED to partner with Lily Jade this week; one lucky reader will win a bag of her choice! Enter below for your chance to win -- we'll choose a winner next Monday, November 23rd.